5 Reasons Why You Should Consider LASIK Eye Surgery

December 18, 2023

More than just your eyes, a no-blade LASIK surgery is a significant decision that alters your entire life. Considered a simple and effective procedure, LASIK surgery in Malaysia has been the popular choice when it comes to vision correction such as farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism.

As it is, life has become challenging in various ways, thus imagine one less thing that you no longer need to worry about – your vision. Now, get ready to unveil the doors behind this popular vision correction procedure and the 5 reasons why we should consider LASIK eye surgery. While we are at it, let’s also check out some of the underlying factors that play significant roles in LASIK eye surgery; such as the age limit for potential candidates and others. Hop on the read!

LASIK Eye Surgery - Factors Involved in It

What is LASIK eye surgery? In simple terms, it is a procedure that reshapes your cornea to improve how light hits your retina, thus improving your vision using a laser. Various factors are involved to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure, such as being 18 and above following the age limit for LASIK surgery.

Why is there an age limit for LASIK surgery? Well, before the age of 18, our eyes will still be in the state of development thus the way our vision may be changing still. Hence for LASIK surgery, the ideal age limit was set to 18 years old and for those who are below 21 years old with consistent eye prescription.

Aside from that, having any existing medical condition like diabetes, glaucoma or cataracts, especially for those who are older also affects their candidacy for LASIK eye surgery.

Hence, it is important to get a comprehensive eye examination and discuss with your eye doctor thoroughly on whether LASIK eye surgery is the best way for vision correction, all after laying out your general health condition.

Why Should You Consider LASIK Eye Surgery?

As a solution to your vision problem, we are going to look into 5 important reasons you should reflect upon when considering getting a LASIK eye surgery!

#1 Permanent Vision Correction
Let’s just say you can permanently forgo the thoughts of having to wear glasses or contact lenses, as the aim of a LASIK surgery is to correct your refractive error permanently by reshaping your cornea.

No longer would you wake up in panic mode, worrying if you’d slept off over your glasses, smushed on the bed, or rushed off late because you had to wear your contact lenses. Your day can start at ease, with a decision to get your eyes the treatment it deserves.

#2 Safe Procedure, Convenient and Quick Recovery
As it only takes 15 – 30 minutes for each eye to undergo LASIK eye surgery, you would not need to be hospitalised, instead can simply be treated as an outpatient. With a proven high number of positive results globally, this is one of the least concerning procedures to have with over 90% of patients achieving 20/40 vision post-LASIK eye surgery.

Another bonus is the downtime taking only a few days maximum for recovery, with proper aftercare followed as recommended by your eye doctor. It is advisable though to have your drive arranged after the procedure, and the rest of the day fully rested, at least for two to three days. Most patients experienced immediate results yet ensured themselves giving their eyes the rest it requires for a smooth recovery.

#3 Freedom In Doing What You Love
Admit it, whether you’re an outdoor person who enjoys hiking and cycling to indoor activities such as yoga or pilates, having glasses on your nose or losing your contact lenses if not discomfort wearing them, aren’t the ideal situation you’d like to be in.

Contrarily, you’d experience liberty in pursuing your favourite hobby without worry about your visual aids, all with just LASIK eye surgery to remedy your struggle. Safe to say, you’d be sparing yourself the hassle of carrying a pair of glasses or contact lenses.

#4 Worthy Investment vs Lifetime Glasses or Contact Lenses
When you look at it as an investment, you will soon quickly realise how much you’d be saving in terms of not just financially but also time with LASIK eye surgery done. The amount of glasses and contact lenses you would be getting over the years isn’t going to be cheap. Not only that, if your refractive errors lead to something more severe than just vision issues, it definitely be another story for your eye health altogether.

With LASIK eye surgery, some insurance might cover them while some eye specialist centres are accommodative with payment plans that are meant to ease the burden of many without having to compromise their eye health is an opportunity worth considering to invest in.

#5 Limitless Goals and Confidence to Achieve
Plenty of careers such as the airlines, military force, armed forces, and paramedics require perfect vision. In such circumstances, many would lose out on living their dreams due to the refractive errors they have.

However, LASIK eye surgery gives hope for many to not miss out on their passion and live with the void, as it is now within their reach without having to worry about their visions. Besides the confidence one may gain physically without wearing visual aids, the ability to attain their goals helps build another layer of self-esteem.

LASIK Eye Surgery - Promising Excellence for Your Vision & Life Quality

Having read all the above, you would be at ease knowing you have all the crucial reasons cleared off to help you make an informed decision for your eyes and life together.

Vision correction procedures such as LASIK surgery, done at the age limit advised for it, can make your life a wonderful journey at all stages of life, where vision will be the least of your worries.

If you’re ready to step into transforming the quality of your life starting with your eye, explore the benefits of no-blade LASIK surgery at a reputable eye specialist centre in Malaysia, where our experienced doctors are committed to providing clearer and sharper eyesight!


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