Prevention Of Cataract In Eyes & Eye Care Tips

June 15, 2023

A leading cause of blindness, cataract has become a scare for many as they age. A cataract is an eye condition whereby the natural lens becomes clouded as we get older. This is due to the clump of protein that the natural lens secrete over the years. 

Cataracts have the potential to develop as early as a person’s 40s, but it is typically during the late 40s or early 50s that symptoms start to become noticeable. These symptoms include double vision, vision cloudiness, blurriness, and difficulty seeing clearly even with new glasses, eventually resulting in visual impairment.

As we would have heard, there isn’t really a way to completely avoid the possibility of getting cataracts. However, there are several tips for eye care to help in the prevention of cataracts. Let’s look into that, shall we? 

A Healthy Lifestyle is An Eye Care Too

Every organ in our body benefits from eating healthy, including our eyes. Keeping yourself accountable when it comes to your dietary habits can ensure that your eye health is optimal and functional in the long run. It’s as simple as including foods enriched with antioxidants and glutathione like broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, avocados, grapefruit, and strawberries. If you enjoy smoothies, try taking these fruits and vegetables blended as your boost drink. A healthy diet isn’t just about consuming the right food but also keeping in mind to monitor and avoid certain foods, such as white sugar or processed substitutes of it like corn syrup with high fructose, as sugar-rich food plays a vital role in stimulating cataract growth. 

Pump In the H2O Consistently, Cut Back on the Alcohol

Hydration is something we are often advised on, especially for our overall general health and well-being. As it helps with flushing off toxins, let’s just say we are dodging the possibility of any health condition including cataracts. On the other hand, consistent hydration doesn’t include alcohol consumption as it has been shown in various research to be a risk factor for cataracts. 

Shades Aren’t Just for the Cool Looks

Yes, while you may feel and look awesome with a pair of sunglasses, it has a lot more function for your eyes than just protecting them from the glare of the sun. Many recent findings prove that UV lights are becoming the catalyst for cataract development as it damages the protein in your eyes. When you are shopping for your shades next, be sure to ask for the ones with 99% – 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Track on Your General Health – Say No to Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

You would know by now that diabetes and high blood pressure are the famous culprits when it comes to cataracts. High blood sugar levels cause our eye lenses to be swollen and additionally convert the blood sugar into sorbitol. Eventually with over-accumulation, our vision begins to deteriorate, increasing the odds of cataracts. 

Regular Eye Examination For Eye Care

Besides ensuring that you have a clear vision as you age, protecting your eyes demands consistent primal eye care habits; a regular eye examination, Ideally, repeating the exam every 1 year if you are in your 40s and above is the best thing you can do when it comes to prevention of cataract. Furthermore, your eye doctor can assist you with suitable aid for your eye condition if necessary so that your everyday activities aren’t compromised.

Busting the Myths about Cataract Prevention

Bear in mind that while many tips help prevent cataracts, there are only so many limited proven ones contrary to some that aren’t supported with evidence or may be factually incorrect. 

For instance, although there is ongoing research regarding the effects of certain supplements on cataract development, there are yet any conclusive studies that recommend it as a strong preventative method. 

Similarly, early surgical cataract surgery does not promise any form of prevention of worsening of the condition as it is only surgery to remove the lens, not repair it. Hence, it is advisable to only get the surgery done if your cataract condition is severely affecting your daily life. 

Wrapping the concepts above, there are so many alternatives that you may take in to protect your eyes against any conditions. Cataract prevention is only prevention at the end of the day, and while you may take great measures in eye care, getting the right treatment like cataract surgery is important if it has to reach that point. The key takeaway would be to give your eyes the best care you can to live a quality life.


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