Pros & Cons of LASIK Eye Surgery: Benefits, Side Effects & Is It Safe?

December 18, 2023

To wake up and not have to reach for a pair of glasses or forget to wear contact lenses before leaving the house is a liberating experience and one that can be attained with a procedure often referred to as a no-blade LASIK surgery, commonly used as myopia treatment.

It would be such a smooth day to be able to do your favourite activities and go about your day-to-day routine without any bother to your glasses sliding down your nose or eyeballs feeling dry and uncomfortable with lenses on them regularly too.

Like any other surgery, LASIK eye surgery has side effects too, which brings us to the LASIK pros and cons of the procedure itself. To have curiosity about the nature of this surgery and its safety is very natural, but not to worry as we’re clearing all those questions floating on your head with this read today!

LASIK Surgery: What is It?

If you’re new to this and wondering ‘what is LASIK eye surgery’, here’s an answer to it. It is a simple and common refractive surgery to correct vision errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism using lasers.

The first phase of the surgery is done using a Femtosecond laser to create a thin flap on the cornea surface followed by another laser used to change the shape of the cornea which is the second phase of the surgery.

Of course the idea of having surgery while being wide awake can be intimidating to even think of it. While achieving clear vision is the goal with LASIK eye surgery, understanding the side effects as well as LASIK’s pros and cons is a responsible step when deciding what works best for you and your eyes. Plus, it is important to look into the age factor for LASIK eye surgery while we are at it.

Pros, Cons & Side Effects of No-Blade LASIK Eye Surgery

Let’s take a look at the pros of LASIK eye surgery. With the evolution of technology, the procedure has become so quick and easy, as fast as less than thirty minutes and the downtime is only for a day or two before you get to continue back on your daily routine. However, it is advisable to give your eye as much rest as possible, hence take it slow down a notch or two to ensure a full and proper recovery.

That also brings about the safety and effectiveness of LASIK eye surgery. You would be able to see clearly as immediately as post-surgery to within hours, though keeping the eyes bandaid for a day or two for recovery is mandatory. Rest assured though about 90% of patients have shown satisfaction in achieving 20/40 vision acuity with no need for any visual aid post-surgery.

Now, the cons would be that the cost of the LASIK eye surgery can be overwhelming for people. However, you may find LASIK surgery in Malaysia that offer various payment options that assist patients in getting LASIK eye surgery without having to put a hole in their pockets.

Another con to bear your mind is that while this procedure is often a permanent solution to your vision errors, there is a small likelihood that you’ll need to undergo another LASIK procedure to enhance your vision as it may decrease, a condition called myopic regression. This though affects mostly those who already have high prescription or very thin corneas, in which your eye doctor would advise to suit your best need then.

Lastly, what would be considered a temporary con or minor side effect to LASIK eye surgery would be that post-surgery, you’d notice a halo or ‘glare’ that’s very noticeable at low light or during night time. This would eventually go away given the eye is on its road to recovery post-surgery and the advice of your eye doctor is followed accordingly.

The factor to consider is also the minimum age for LASIK eye surgery, as the age limit is above 18 years ago. The ideal age margin for LASIK eye surgery is between 18 years old to 40 years old, but as long as you have healthy eyes with a healthy body with no pre-existing condition, you are already a potential candidate for the procedure.

Safety Considerations for LASIK Eye Surgery

Having said all that, while you can rest assured that LASIK eye surgery can easily work in your favour given you match the requirements of the candidacy, there are a few things you have to remember before getting the procedure done.

Firstly, you will need someone to pick you up after the procedure, hence it is best to arrange for someone, either a loved one or a taxi to bring you home safe and sound. Second, your eye would need plenty of rest, so getting a few days to a week cleared from the surgery so you do not strain your eyes would be ideal.

Thirdly, do not miss out on the doctor’s prescriptions for your recovery, let it be the eyes drop down to no scratching your eyes no matter how badly you want to. Lastly, make sure to follow through with all your follow-up appointments, for your eye doctor to keep track of your eye recovery and respond towards the surgery.

Have all your concerns been cleared off? If you are ready to enjoy the bliss of clear vision, visit your favourite eye specialist in Malaysia and move forward with it today!


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