5 Tips for a Smooth Recovery After Cataract Surgery Malaysia (Post Cataract Surgery Care)

August 3, 2023

Any form of surgery would be followed up with required aftercare to ensure a smooth recovery. That includes even cataract surgery too. As our eyes are one of the important organs in our body, it is obvious that aftercare requires delicacy and there would be certain restrictions after a cataract surgery in order to have a successful recovery. 

Before we look through 5 tips for post-care for a smooth recovery after undergoing cataract surgery in Malaysia, let’s have a glimpse at the eye condition itself. Are you ready? Let’s go!

About Cataract & Cataract Surgery in Malaysia

If you’re unaware, cataract is quite a common eye condition that is developed as a result of aging itself. As you get older, the protein clump in your eye starts breaking down causing your vision to be blurry and cloudy, in which case your eye lens would start to also look greyish. You did start noticing as well that your vision worsened during the night and your eyes became quite sensitive to lights and glare. 

With time passing, cataracts can start affecting your daily routine like driving, reading, etc which can be hazardous aside from eventually causing blindness. If you begin experiencing these symptoms, get yourself an appointment with your eye doctor and get your eyes examined. You would then be suggested to have cataract surgery if your state of condition requires it. Don’t worry though, while the idea of surgery can be scary, especially with such a delicate organ, with the latest advanced technology, you would not need to get under the blade as you have the choice to opt for a laser cataract surgery in Malaysia.

5 Post-Care Tips for a Smooth Recovery After Cataract Surgery Malaysia

  1. Arrange for a Pick Up Post-Surgery & Avoid Driving 

While the surgery is short and quick, within an hour or so, your eyes wouldn’t just be ready and recovered right away. Understanding that, know that your vision is still compromised and arrange for a pick up post your surgery.

After that, take ample rest, and avoid driving at least for a few days or a week. Any form of recovery needs healing that requires time. Get the sleep you need, follow your doctor’s instructions and all shall be good. Like it or not, you need rest, so take it since you got it. 

  1. Say No to Strenuous Activities – at least for some time!

This can be a struggle for those who are always involved in physical activity. However, keep in mind that giving your eye high pressure with heavy lifting activities for instance can interfere with the incision before it fully heals. Even positions that put your head below your waist level can cause high pressure. It’s hard to stay put and just rest, so perhaps take a walk at least for a week or so. Rest, rest, rest!

  1. Don’t Miss Out on the Eye Drops

It can feel tedious and annoying especially when you might be feeling like there is something on your eye lens post the surgery. The eye drops prescribed are usually antibiotics hence it is crucial to not skip them if you’d like to have a smooth recovery after a cataract surgery. Your doctor might also give you an anti-inflammatory eye drop to help reduce the swelling post-surgery. 

Remember to practice hygienic caution while applying eye drops, like washing your hands with soap and water and avoid sharing your eye drops with anyone else. Be sure to also follow the prescription duration. 

  1. Hands Away from Your Eyes

As tempting as it could be to rub your eyes when you experience dryness or irritation post cataract surgery, best to keep your hands away for some time. Any rubbing of your eyes indefinitely will affect the incision along the recovery stage altogether. 

So what can you do to relieve your eyes? Pretty sure before leaving the hospital, you would be given prescribed eye drops and you would be advised to wear eye patches to protect your eyes from any form of irritation. Additionally, avoid having your eye in contact with water for about a week and also avoid hot baths and the pool for at least a month to avoid irritation of any sort.

  1. Follow-Ups Appointments are Essential

The aftercare involves a lot of follow-up appointments. Your eye doctor would have you come at first within a few days post your surgery, then a week later and a month later finally, in the case of no complications in between those periods. 

You should also take these appointments as chances to address any concerning issues you may have experienced and clarify them with your doctor.

Recovery after Cataract Surgery in Malaysia

It may seem like there are several restrictions after your laser cataract surgery from the best eye specialist in Malaysia. For what it’s worth, you can speed up your recovery process if you follow the post-cataract surgery care and get back to your normal routine in no time!


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