LASIK Laser Eye Surgery: What are the Risks, Benefits and Side Effects?

October 3, 2023

It’s annoying that the first thing you grab in the morning upon waking up is your glasses. For some, their day gets delayed by just spending time wearing their contact lenses. Let it be astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness or presbyopia and no matter how you’ve gotten used to wearing glasses and contact lenses, knowing there is an alternative that solves your vision refraction can be a dream come true with the option of LASIK laser eye surgery. 

Wondering what it is? LASIK eye surgery is a refractive procedure performed in less than half an hour (usually within 15-20 min) where the result is that you would attain permanent vision correction leaving you free from glasses and contact lenses ever again! 

The latest LASIK surgery in Malaysia promises precision with advanced equipment such as the femtosecond laser used during the procedure. While patients are awake with mild sedatives given to calm their nerves, this little to no pain surgery will be comfortable as they might only experience “slight pressure” during the first part of the LASIK laser eye surgery. 

Eligibility, Benefits and Risk Factors of LASIK Eye Surgery

However, not everyone would be eligible for this procedure. The age limit for LASIK eye surgery is 18 and above. Other than that, pregnant women are advised to wait until delivery and postpartum period before getting assessed to consider their eligibility. Additionally, those with autoimmune conditions may not be able to get LASIK surgery, depending on their overall health along with their conditions. 

Most importantly, those who are considering themselves to get the procedure done should be well-informed of not just the benefits but also the risks of LASIK laser eye surgery to make the right decision. Keep reading to gather more information!

The main benefit of LASIK eye surgery would be the obvious liberation of not having to rely on glasses and contact lenses. No longer would you need to fumble your way out of bed and trample over anything without having your glasses on, nor would you have to worry about forgetting to wear your lenses as you rush to work. 

Another comfort a patient feels at ease with is just how quick, safe and painless the surgery can be done, and while they are wide awake as well. As scary as it may sound to know that your eyes are being lasered through, the sedatives can help you feel relaxed and in no time, you would be done with the procedure. So does LASIK eye surgery hurt one may ask? Nope it doesn’t, you can be at ease with that. 

Furthermore, another quick part of this whole process is the recovery period. Most patients report improved vision immediately after the surgery, while they’re advised to rest their eyes for a couple of days for the healing to happen progressively. You can get back to most of your routine after 24 hours of the procedure. 

Lastly, what everyone craves is the freedom to do what they love and explore life with no restrictions or limitations, which through a LASIK eye surgery, is achievable. This procedure also gives convenience and the ability to focus without the worry of breaking their glasses or losing their lenses in various forms of activities, especially for those who are active in sports and outdoor activities. 

Having said all that, the possibility of risk is inevitable through any surgery for that matter. Such is the case for LASIK eye surgery, though the risk isn’t as severe. Some patients face a dry eye situation for a couple of months post-surgery, which can be aided with a visit to their ophthalmologist. Other risks of inflammation, bleeding and infection are also possible if post-surgery care isn’t followed correctly. 

Side Effects of LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

During the procedure, patients would experience a tinge of pressure in their eyes, especially when the femtosecond laser is used to carve the cornea flap. Post the surgery, you would expect to feel slight discomfort and irritation, tempting you to rub your eyes – do not do that! Prescriptions would be given to comfort your eyes so use them instead. In some cases, the side effects of LASIK laser eye surgery that patients struggle with are glares and halo-like vision symptoms that subsided within a few months. To fully understand the potential risks and side effects specific to your individual case, it’s essential to consult your eye doctor before considering the procedure.

Reliable Eye Specialist in Malaysia for LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

As you’ve read all the above, rest assured that the procedure is a possibility you should consider highly if you’re struggling with refractive vision. It is an opportunity to strive for your future with clarity and encapsulate memories with no hassle or blurriness. If you’re looking for an eye specialist in Malaysia that’s affordable and trustable, you’ve come to just the right place! Reach out to us, make an appointment and be ready to say goodbye to your glasses and lenses. 


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